iTunes Standard Apple Library

* We can set up your iTunes for you and import all of your music so that you can immediately enjoy your new collection.

* We will customize the default Apple settings in your iTunes so that you get the most enjoyment when you listen to music or watch movies.

* We will add some Smart Playlists that will give you a taste of the great ability to get to the depth of your collection whether it's the newest addtions, the unheard music you missed, or quick access to your favorite, most played tunes.

* We will send you this library along with your cds and hard drive with simple instructions on how to use it.

iTunes Deluxe Listenicious Library

* Enjoy a unique pre-built Listenicious iTunes library that will allow you to enjoy your music in rare and uncommon sets of playlists that will give you unending choices and variety of tunes.

* Listenicious iTunes Playlists self-edit according to your ratings.

* These playlists give you unparalleled control over the combinations of music you love.

* This Listenicious library is currently for Apple Mac only. We don't do windows (unless we have to!!)

iPod Standard Apple Transfer

* We will set up your iPod for you and import all of your music. This way you can immediately enjoy your new collection.

* We will add some Smart Playlists that will give you a taste of the full Listenicious experience and the brilliance of the iPod.

> Disclosure: There is one important catch that no other companies tell you about when they offer this feature. When someone else loads your iPod from their computer, you lose the abiltiy to Auto-Synch your iPod. If you do autosynch from your Mac, you will lose whatever music is on your iPod placed by that
other computer and it replace it with your music from your computer's iTunes. BUT, it's really not a problem because you simply manually synch your music. We just thought you should know.

iPod Deluxe Listenicious Smart Playlist Transfer

* We will set up your iPod for you and import all of your music using the Listenicious iTunes Library filled with custom Smart Playlists.

* No other iPods in the world will give you the ability to automatically build and edit playlists just by rating them. We consider it a unique accomplishment on our part. Or perhaps a little bit of lunacy and a chunk of obsessive-compulusive behavior.

* Enjoy our custom monthly swap service to refresh the music on your iPod. Simply change one Smart Playlist's track number from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc. Voilà! New Music!

> Disclosure: When you use the Listenicous iTunes library with it's pre-built smart playlists, there will be some manual cleaning up of the playlists after you transfer them to your iPod. Apple iTunes will not transfer all the links to other playlists contained
within Smart Playlists. You will have to re-link the playlists but you should only have to do this once. The next time you want fresh music, you can add to or delete the music on your iPod and they will fall into place within your Smart Playlists. When this can be automated, we will update you with a new library.

Housekeeping For Your Music

* Have your music completely cleaned up and sorted for easy listening.

* No more missing song titles, artists or mismatched genres and artwork.

* Custom service for Lyrics

* Send us your collection from your iPod or Computer, and have us do the cleanup.

* Specialists in Classical Music - Experience has taught us the value in strict usage of metadata in labeling cds with composer, orchestra and genres, instrumentation, performer and stucture.

Sample iTunes

Funk Playlists Screen

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