Digital File Storage

So where are you going to put all that music?

You need a safe and reliable place to store all of your digital files. All the Music, Movies & Photographs that you so lovingly acquire thru the years.

We find having your digital files on a hard drive protects them in ways that protect your investment.

  • Easy to connect and transfer files to your computer.

  • Easy to play your music from the drive itself.

  • Easy to batch convert your music or files into some future format.

  • Easy to duplicate and backup your collection.

  • No unreadable cd's or dvd's on present or future readers.

Future-proof your collection!!!

In our humble opinion, cds and dvds are a drag, and you don't want to place your bets there. They scratch, they misread and your music is just plain gone. A scratchy 33,
45 or 78 r.p.m. records still plays today even in poor condition. A scratched CD or DVD? Not for long.

The music industry is waking up and you need to be ready for it! They are moving to sell all music online only, and the day will come when your kids don't know what a cd is, like those 45's you have in the closet. Prepare yourself by going digital now and you will also be ready for all the new digital meda available right now and later on.

"Music is spiritual. The music business is not. " ~ Van Morrison

Your computer only holds so much data and can and will develop high fevers, chills and shakes and will eventually have to be replaced. An external hard drive, preferably massive and redundant, will be the place you settle down together. After a few years, like cars, they will need to be replaced. This will be a simple matter, as it will be easy to transfer the files from drive to drive. Here is the ultimate take on storage by

Here are some ideas about redundancy:

  • Good: Simply have an external drive that only your music resides on. This is in addition to your computer.
  • Better: Raid Level 1 Have two drives with your music on them, in mirror images. When one drive fails, you replace it and it's re-written from the mirror drive.
  • Best: Raid Level 5 - Four drives in one case, redundantly backing each other up with a total capacity of 3 of the drives. If one drive or power supply fails, you plug in a new one and it rebuilds itself.

Here are some hard drive choices