Apple's iTunes Smart Playlists

iTunes Smart Playlists are dynamic, conditional playlists based on your search criteria and song features, such as all "Rock songs from 1972".

You can build as many Playlists as you can imagine! If you are savvy to this, then we're preaching to the choir. If you don't know how or simply don't have the time, then Listenicious is the service for you.

Apple builds a few smart playlists to get you started:
90's Music, Classical Music, Music Videos, My Top Rated, Recently Added, Recently Played and Top 25 Most Played

While these are great, it's only the tip of the iceberg for what you can do.

Listenicious Smart Playlists

As a Listenicious client, you will receive a pre-built iTunes library.* Enjoy custom built, incredibly smart playlists that self-edit according to your ratings.

No other iPods in the world will give you the ability to automatically build and edit playlists just by rating them to this degree. These playlists give you unparalleled control over the combinations of music you love.

* Sorry, but the Listenicious iTunes Library is available for Mac only.

Song of the Month Club

Listenicious Smart Playlists are based on playing a single track per cd that you change every month for a fresh variety of music. So, in January you play track 1, February you hear track 2 and so on. With a large library of music, we find this gives you incredble and intimate access to the music you own.

ZZ Track Number Is...

zz Track Number Is... Edit

If you want to hear the whole album, simply select the artist and album and hit play and listen from start to finish as usual.

If you want a mix of music, you pick a playlist and enjoy it.

Here's how it works:

With the Listenicious ratings-based playlists, when you rate your songs from * to ***** stars, your playlists will improve with every click.

Bad songs (* one star) will remove themselves from the playlist, banished from both sight and sound.

Quiet songs (** two stars) will also be removed, but this time to their own calm and quiet playlists.

The remaining songs will be the best of the cheerful, upbeat bunch.

But wait, there's more! Songs with 3, 4 or 5 stars will also go into their own respective playlists, separated by genre. So you could have Soul ***, Soul ****, Soul *****.
We also make a Soul *** + which is a grouping of the 3, 4
and 5 star songs. This saves having too many playlists.

Dance Playlists

There is always a catch-all group containing those ratings from all genres, i.e. ALL ***** star songs from your entire collection.

Two to Five Star Playlists

> > This magic will only work when your songs belong to the given genre names that we use. Songs that are not named in this way will fall outside the Listenicious Smart Playlists.

For a custom requests or preferences, please contact us.

The Combo Playlists

Having many combinations of your music mixed together makes it really fun and incredibly satisfying to listen to your music.

The basic playlists are built on single
genres, like Americana, Country or R&R, Chill, Dance, Funk, Soul or R&B.

We also offer you combo playlists that group a few or many of those together.

You could have Americana & Blues & Country combined into one playlist.


You might like your R&B and Hip-Hop mixed together.

R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Gospel & New Orleans combined would be a super funky time.

Remember that smart playlists work on
all your meta-data. So a combo lists can also include groupings like instumental or surf or the words Sun or sunshine or summer. As long as the data is there to hang on to, the possibilites are endless. Contact us if you need custom playlists built for you.

Remember, you will have perfected each list by rating your songs, so there won't be any dull songs you don't like in the mix. Your quiet songs will be in their own playlists when you want to relax and unwind.

Why Meta-Data is so Important

Meta-Data is simply the names you give your music. The artist, the album, the genre, the track names. Ditto if you consider whether the genre is named alternative, rock, oldies, 60's 70's R&R, or Rock - Radio.

Songs not named with the Listenicious choice of genres will not work with these smart playlists. So simply rename the genre and the magic starts.

Music you buy online is unruly and untamed. Sometimes an artist is simply in the wrong genre when you shop online or rip a cd. Apple somehow has
Alan Vega when you browse Classical when he is clearly a punk!! Ditto Albert Ayler who was clearly an avant-garde Jazz player. And what genre is Unclassifiable?

There are many ways to name a style of music. But you do have to make a linguistic decision that a computer will understand. For instance we do not use the "Alternative" genre as we find it much too broad and meaningless as it is usually applied. We use Rock - Radio, Rock - Modern and Rock - Punk and find most things easily fit into these. Another example: We don't use Downtempo, but Chill. We also have Electronica and Ambient as well. Take another look at our
genre cloud.

Music can be further defined in the Grouping field, where we place these sub-genres. i.e. West Coast, Crunk, IDM, Axé, Ska, Psychedelic etc.

The song information is really important and we get it right for you. This meta-data contains all of the information needed to find and play your music as well as the hooks to make great playlists.

"There's a basic rule which runs through all kinds of music, kind of an unwritten rule. I don't know what it is. But I've got it."
~ Ron Wood / Rolling Stones / Faces

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