• CD Ripping
    CD Ripping

    50 CD Minimum

    AAC 320kps vbr
    ALAC - Apple Lossless

  • CD Ripping Classical
    CD Ripping Classical

    50 CD Minimum

    AAC 360kps vbr
    ALAC - Apple Lossless

  • Music Housekeeping
    Music Housekeeping

    Clean up your existing music collection for 50¢ a cd.

  • Lyrics

    Add lyrics to your songs for an additional 25¢ per song.

  • Custom Music Playlists
    Custom Music Playlists

    We will create one hour playlists for you based on your request.
    The fee covers both the cost of the music and our fee for assembling it.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We're_Only_in_It_for_the_Money
    Custom Services & Research

    Please make a service contract payment here if we have agreed to services and sent you an invoice. Thank you so kindly for your money business!


  • Listenicous Gift Certificate
    Listenicous Gift Certificate

    Gift the gift of a Listenicious Gift Certificate.
    Apply towards any service or item you would like set up.

  • Additional Purchases
    Additional Purchases

    If you choose another hard drive or player not listed, please use this field.
    Add in the cost of the item, and we will pick it up for you.

  • Please choose a hard drive option
    Please choose a hard drive option

    Please choose a hard drive option HERE