Personal Digital Device Research

We'll keep you up-to-date on current technology when you're selecting a new product or service.

We can help you select systems and products that exhibit the highest level of perfomance in their class. We'll evaluate and recommend products and services by deciphering the technology and standards. We have the experience to help you make informed decisions that bypass fads and hype. These days there are so many sources of information that we often find ourselves asked to help make those final decisions. Outsource the reseach to us!

  • iPods & Macs & Computers & Music Players

  • Stereos, Speakers & Headphones

  • Digital Streaming Audio & Video Devices

  • Expert advice on all components

  • Digital Services, Subscriptions and Contracts

  • Major appliance purchases

Your personal
Consumer Reports Digest: televisions, washing machines, cameras, phones, cars and services. All of these products have new models, standards, acronyms, government and ansi ratings all the time. We have an informed circle of enthusiasts that keep track of the latest models and shifts in technology and, in turn, can help you.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. ~ Albert Einstein

Why on earth should I pay you to help me pick out a camera, refrigerator, television... Research is very time-consuming. Many magazine and web reviews are driven by press releases, advertising dollars and a queue for that scarce sample model. We are not beholden to any of those influences.

We will give you a report on the best products currently available including the reviews and sources, postive and negative of the product you need. If last years model is still the best, we'll let you know.

$25 per item for basic products or $25 per hour for extensive research. Please contact us about your request.