CD Ripping and Conversion

Listenicious provides the service of converting your music cds to a computer. One reason to do so is the incredible access to your own music. You'll hear more great music from your own collection than you've heard in the years those discs have been sitting on your shelves. If you have a collection of music and you never quite get around to doing it, we're here to help.

Imagine having your entire collection in this!

macbook-itunes8-display copy

If you have AudioBooks, we have special experience with those formats as well.

We use error and skip correction and will clean and attempt to import any of your faulty discs. We do not re-surface and repair chipped or nicked discs and will refund any we are unable to use and return your discs in the condition that we recieved them in, sometimes better.

If you have 100, 1000 or 10,000 cds, we are up to the task. Then, you can enjoy your music on the new iPod you got over the holidays!

Records and Tapes: We don't convert records or tapes but will be happy to find a service for you.

Future-proof your music investment.

Listenicious will rip and convert your CD collection. Clean up your old cds and keep your new ones in impeccable condition. No more scratched, broken, missing or "borrowed" cds to worry about.

We offer dvd storage but recommend storing your digital files on a hard drive that protects them in ways that
future proofs your investment.

Storing all your music on a hard drive allows a few options stacks of cds or dvds can't. You can snatch up a hard drive and take it with you in an emergency, have a duplicate drive in a safe place and easily transfer your files into that next format when it comes along in 2018!

How It Works:

Simply send us your cds in the shipping package we send you. It will contain spindles, boxes, shipping lables and tape to safely and securely pack your music.

It's off to FedEx where it will be safely tracked and insured. We insure each cd for $12. If you have other requirements, please call us and let us know. In a few days we'll send you back your cds and music.

If you live in the NYC Metro area, we can arrange for personal pick-up and drop-off.

File Formats

While MP3 is still the predominant digital musical file format, we will only use it at your specific request. It squashes the music too much and you lose the quality and enjoyment when you hear it, especially on that great sound system you have or those fantastic headphones you got for your birthday. They don't call it the lowest common denominator for nothing! One day you'll thank us for this. ;<)

We prefer AAC 320kbps vbr,
FLAC or Apple Lossless. Depending on how you listen to your music, we recommend that you get it in both AAC and Lossless.

If you have a specific format you need such as HE-AAC, MP3, WMA, AIFF, OGG-Vorbis, WAV or any other format let us know and we'll supply the files in impeccable order in that format.

Just so that you believe us, here's the skinny on digital formats based on one sample recording. Some companies are already offering dvds and downloads of the studio masters.

MP3 128k at 44.1kHz ± 67MB
MP3 320k at 44.1kHz ± 124MB
AAC: 320k at 44.1kHz ± 142MB
CD Quality: 16bit at 44.1 kHz ± 210MB
Studio Master 24bit at 88.2kHz ± 870MB
Studio Master (192) 24bit at 192kHz ± 1.9GB

So the same recording can range in size from 67MB to 1.9GB!
That is a massive difference in file size as well as audio quality.

Listenicious Metadata Methods

Metadata is simply the field names such as Artist, Album, Song Title, Artwork, Year, Comment, Genre, Grouping etc.

It is very important that everything is consistent because it makes your listening more enjoyable when you can find your music quickly. It also helps you make some really cool playlists too.

While many services tout their use of metadata databases such as CDDB/Gracenote, Macrovision's AMG/Lasso or MusicBrainz, we simply use a variety of sources but hand approve every cd and track until it's right. Logic, knowlege and elbow grease are our tools.

Here is a list of the
Music Genres that we use.

Listenicious conceit: We change all compilations from individual and separate artists to Various Artists so you don't have thousands of artists listed when you only have 150 cds.

We place the artist name after the song title. So on the Red Hot compilation
Dark Was The Night, the artist field would be Various Artists and the 31 songs would read 'Song - Artist' i.e. 'Sleepless - Decemberists' and 'Knotty Pine - Dirty Projectors w/David Byrne'.

Compilation albums with assorted artists would be listed under "Various Artists" in the Artists field. The individual perfomer would be added to the end of the song title, i.e. "Monkey Man - Rufus Thomas" by "Various Artists" from the cd "Funky Monkey Songs that Swing"

While the iTunes compilation button is nice and does wonders, it does not work on many other devices including, surprisingly the iPod Touch, iPhone and AppleTV and many media servers.

Go Green!

Remove and recycle your plastic cd cases and save a lot of room. Store all of you cds in Case Logic CD binders that look nice and don't spill all over the room. If you choose this option, please let us know so we can arrange the proper delivery methods.

The two choices you have:
1. Remove all of the cd covers, both front and back, and send them to us along with your cds.
2. Keep your covers and we'll send you back your cds in the case and you insert the front and back covers yourself.

Many of our clients have books for each genre of music. If you have a large cd collection, this is the way to go. It also helps you really determine which are binder worthy and which of those are junk cds. You really should donate your entiire collection to the
ARChive anyway, right?

Loading Up Your Player

We can load your iPod, Mac or PC and transfer the music into your Sonos, Escient, Olive, and most any digital media server or NAS (network attached storage) device storage system.

Your music will be in whatever format is appropriate for that device with appropriately formatted metadata.

If you are working with a Sound Contractor, we will coordinate with them to insure a smooth installation of your new system.


If you simply need us to clean up your existing music collection, great! Send us your songs and we'll give it the full wax and shine. We'll fix up those poor orphaned songs with no names, titles or genres and give them their proper information and artwork. Then you can enjoy your music with all the benefits whenever and however you wish.

However, if you have a ton of songs with no names at all, and the file names are unknown, just remember, you can't unscramble an egg. We'll do our best, but no guarantees. You must also send us the cd covers as proof of ownership to those files.

Classical Music

Classical CDs are hand groomed for accurate and consistent data. Please review our Classical genres metadata choices and groupings.

We generally will breakup the cd to it's individual composers and not as a compilation.

For example a cd with the NY Philharmonic with both Beetoven and Schubert would be listed by both those composers in the Artist field.

The NY Philhamonic conducted by Mengleberg featuring Strauss would be found under artist Strauss. The title of the work would be "Ein Heldenleben, Op. 40 - NYP - Mengelberg"

A featured performer would also be listed in the title of the work. Stravinsky "Violin Concerto in D - Marriner - Hahn" The comment field would contain the other works contained on that cd.

Multiple CDs that break up a work, i.e. spread out on disc 3 to 4, are recombined into their original movements.

Furthermore, for the Strauss work Don Quixote, Cello could be listed under Grouping since that is the feature instrument.

If you have specific ways that you want your classical cds organized, please contact us before we convert your collection so there are no surprises.